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Our Training and Coaching Premises

Our excellent training facilities are equipped with modern technology can be rented now for training- and coaching groups.

Basic information of the space

  • 1 big space + 1 meeting room
  • Suits well for a group between 15-20 people
  • Area: about 100m2
  • Technology: Cleverboard 87'', Clever Touch 65 
  • Furniture: tables can be modified according to the size of the group

Conference catering is being taken care by the restaurant in Quartetto Business Park.

Location: The space is located in Linnoitustie 4, 02600 Espoo

ajokarttaRental terms and –prices: Contact us for more

Contact Information:

Emil Aalto,
+358 40 5033 539
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Heidi Halonen,