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We are the trainer for the inner developers and the leaders in organizations. Here you will learn systemic coaching, facilitation and leadership skills, which can be applied to developing individuals, groups and organizational development.

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Systemic Business Coach®-training gave me as a HR director great tools to coach individuals and teams. Systemic thinking helped me to understand the different constantly changing forces that play a role within the organization. The training also gave me competences to succeed in change leadership. 
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Elina Heliö HR Director
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In the Facilitation wizard training, I learned concretely how I can utilize facilitation skills in my daily work. I see that facilitation skills and different methods of how to excite a team are extremely important in relation to the future. Facilitation is a form of art that automatization and robotics are not going to replace.
Tuomas Mämmi Tutor Elisa Ltd.
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Influence the development of your organization, learn to coach your team to the top

As pioneers of modern tools we provide unique training programs for systemic coaching and facilitation. As a result of our training programs, the key players of companies turn into top-coaches and the teams become cohesive groups. Our trainers are known as successful writers in the field and as influencers in the top coaching-communities of Finland.

The certificates we provide strengthen the credibility of inner development, lift the profile of the key players to a new level and open up a path towards a professional coaching-career.

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Even very experienced coaches and mentors admit to worrying that sometimes they are not taking the conversation deep enough, or giving enough challenge to the coachee or mentee.

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