I am convinced that coaching is the key to success in work life today and in the future. Only by empowering others we can develop ourselves further and learn more.

I have work experience from several international companies. My tasks have included e.g. planning and executing work improvement project, implementing new ERPs, training and coordinating work tasks. Therefore, I am very interested in change management, work life transformation and how can we respond to the challenges of future work. I believe that coaching mentality is the answer also to the challenges of future work.

Besides coaching mentality, I am a true believer in lifelong learning and continuous development. Development and learning are the air, that I breath: after all I am doing my third higher education degree.

As social psychologist, I have two goals: my passion is to understand and effect people’s behavior. Especially inspired I am of group dynamics and functioning of variety of groups. Second, I want to learn to utilize my skills as social psychologist in real work life situations.

I am a Master of Social Sciences, majoring in Social Psychology. Furthermore, I have a degrees in international business (BBA) and in psychology (A.A). My working languages are Finnish and English.

Anna Lönnroth
+358 40 5033 337